Sunday, September 28, 2008

Houston Nutt for President

Oh, my Vols. Ergghhh. Blechhh. Harrumph. Well, I will say this. They didn't totally fold after a series of mistakes that would have crumpled many. But that game was winnable - I'm feeling despondent about this season.

On the upside, Florida lost. Yay, Ole Miss! Not something I would normally say, but there you go.

And that wasn't the only action from Ole Miss last night. The Presidential debates held at the University of Mississippi that Americans saw on Friday was aired here last night at 11pm. So, as I was listening to final dregs of the Auburn- Tennessee game with a headphone in my ear and hanging on with dwindling hope - I was half listening to McCain and Obama grumble and stumble through American foreign policy and the financial crisis.

I'm afraid it re-confirmed by my belief that they're both crap candidates, but that McCain is worser.

I fell asleep pretty shortly after the moderator cajoled the candidates to talk to each other for the fifth time which succeeded only in causing McCain to not know where to look and therefore look as shifty as he probably is.

Obama may not have said much, but kudos to him for not rolling his eyes and saying "What in the hell are you talking about?" to some of McCain's sillier stupidisms and lame, lame attempts at humor.


A Free Man said...

I think happiness at Florida's misfortune is one thing that we can agree about. Should be an interesting game in a fortnight's time.

genderist said...

Hey, did you bug our house??? That sounds like our commentary from the debate...