Monday, September 15, 2008

Political commentary

Following a request for more political blogging, so what follows is my stream-of-conciousness blatherings on the Presidential election.

Blecchhhh..... that's how I feel about this whole election cycle. Just blecchhhh....

You see, as I've said all along, I'd rather eat a razor blade than vote for McCain - go ahead put razor blade in the search box - you'll see McCain next to it almost every time (well, half the time - there's also one post about Halloween candy and razor blades and one in which I reproduce in its entirety and without license the Ballad of William Bloat)

And I've been a lifelong Democratic voter and some time member of the Democratic party. I'm currently a member, that's why I get all those emails from Obama asking me for $5 (or more). But I'm just not feeling the love this time. Still, I find it hard to blog against the Democratic nominee. Even though I want to. So I'm kinda just avoiding the subject.

For the first time in my life, I'm seriously thinking about just not voting. I haven't requested my ballot yet. I probably will - just so I can frame it, un-marked. It is an historic election after all. And you people who do vote - what kind of souvenir will you have. Heck, in most states with electronic voting you won't even get a paper receipt.

I just can't understand how both parties could have produced such crap candidates. But, then again, in 2004 both parties produced crap candidates.

I've decided that the best outcome is for a meteor to land on the Presidential debates. A meteor would be good. Although there'd no doubt be some conspiracy theories to follow, a meteor wouldn't be anybody's fault and we'd get to have a do-over.

I had thought I might vote for Cynthia McKinney, even though she's running on a Green Party ticket. The Vol-in-Law told me "You can't vote Green, that'll just encourage them." But I find her positions on 9/11 pretty repugnant, and a deal breaker for me.

Is John Jay Hooker on the Tennessee ballot for President this time? If he is, he's got my vote.


Bangkok Expat Mama said...

Wahey! Thanks for the political update, depressing as it may be. I'm sorry to dredge up bad feelings, but misery loves company. I started off as an ardent Obama supporter, but now I'm like...meh. He should have picked Clinton for VP. They could have been a dream team. Even Biden has admitted as much!

I agree about the meteor. What a great idea -- a blameless do-over! If something like that happened, I would hope for Clinton to replace Obama and for Bill RIchardson to be VP.

To anyone feeling down about this nauseatingly endless campaign, may I recommend visiting The 'campaign video' features highlights from Palin's Monty Python days. Guaranteed to make one chuckle.

Sam said...

You make me so sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you girl. Never an ardent Obama fan (Clinton my choice) As Obama has moved right, my gorge has risen - the acid reflux reflex.

I was vectoring toward not voting. I'll be out of the country on election day, an good excuse.

But Sarah Palin has given me new resolve. I'm voting against her. I'm voting for Biden and that other guy