Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soft landings at the Temple of Doom

Buddy is a climber. The swings are so last month now. He's not interested in playing on something unless it's likely to cause his parental attendant a spell of nerves.

jumping off?

Today at the playground, I watched a mother compare her little fellow with Buddy. She said "He's an adventurous one." I replied "He sure is." She asked me how old he was and when I said fifteen months she said "He's the Indiana Jones of the baby world."


Sam said...

That kid is bad to the bone!

genderist said...

Oh! What a great idea for a Halloween costume!

Get that baby a whip!

Bangkok Expat Mama said...

Remember when he turned a year old but wasn't walking yet? He's made up for that in spades! He's handling those monkey bars like a two-year-old!

Hey I keep checking over here to read your views on how the McCain/Palin dealio is shakin' out...any thoughts?