Monday, September 22, 2008

The Vols and breakin' the law

Well, what a disappointment that was. After the Tennessee Volunteers performance against UAB last week, I can't say I expected a different outcome. But for the Vols to actually do rather well in the game against Florida and yet fail to close (as they say in sales speak) again and again was a painful experience in proximity only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades (and maybe that lawn game boules.)

As I explained to the Vol-in-Law during the first half if you looked at all the statistics, except for the scoring stastics, the Vols actually did more than Florida.

"Except for the score?" questioned the Vol-in-Law. "No one looks at that."

Thanks for your support, hon.


We had to dress Buddy in some UT pyjamas that were way, way too small. Being a wiry fellow, I was able to close most of the buttons, but the long sleeved, full length pants only came to the elbow and the knee. I was going to take a picture to show you, but he managed to have a poo-splosion in the morning before I could get the camera out. Ooooh, it was a bad one. I think it was perhaps a dirty protest at Fulmer's special teams strategy.


Ouch: you know things are bad when someone asks for the coach's head on a platter on their baby shower wish list.


I listened to the game again. Video was free to air on CBS Internet tv as it was their SEC game of the week, but when I did all the signing up and clicking and so forth I got a disappointing message "Content not available for viewing outside the US." Now, what's the point of that? I mean it's the Internet. It was, I believe, actually shown on CBS. If I lived in the US, I could have watched it on tv.

I know that techie hackers and so on use mirroring or spoofing sites to make it appear they're accessing content from someplace they physically are not. Does anyone know how you do that? I mean should Tennessee actually feature in a game of the week again anytime soon, how would I go about that? Answers on a post card, please.


"John Galt" said...

This is gonna really blow your skirt up...Vandybilt is ranked 21 this week.

Sam said...

"Content not available for viewing outside the US."

Welcome to my world. I can't even listen to BBC broadcasts of live futba matches online either. Thank god for SopCast.

A Free Man said...

I'm going to refrain from mocking, just because I dislike Florida more than the Vols. I had hoped you guys were going to make a game of it.

Let me know if you get a good answer to your question, I had the same problem last week with the UGA-USC game. I know there must be a way around it.

Vol Abroad said...

First off, I always hate it when rival SEC fans refrain from mocking. To me that speaks of pity, I'd rather have derision driven by fear than niceness driven by your-team-sucks-so-bad-we-don't-care-no-more-ism.

Secondly - on Internet viewing - I think our problem is that we're too honest. If we were crook types we'd have this figured out. I might ask some of the IT guys from my work. I think they were using proxy addresses to download videos across our business network to their home PCs. That's the rumour anyway. They might know how to do it.

Sam said...

Have you tried this?

That's how I plan to watch the Carling Cup game this afternoon.

"John Galt" said...

If you can be satisfied with the radio description, how about listenting to the streaming audio from a Vol Network radio station?

Vol Abroad said...

Local stations aren't allowed to broadcast Tennessee football over the Internet (at least the last time I checked) - but the audio coverage I get is the regular Vol Network feed.

genderist said...

Point of clarification: We don't really want his head on a platter - we're just ready for him to retire already.