Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Parts is parts

Wow. Is this the kind of political discourse we want? Not cool.

Egalia reports the use of this ad on "progressive blogs" at Tennessee Guerilla Women.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. There is much about Sarah Palin's position that I disagree with. So much so that I will not be voting for McCain-Palin. But I respect that she is an accomplished and talented politician just as I acknowledge the many formidable male politicians with whom I strongly disagree.

And it makes me sick that she's attacked in this way, because this isn't really about her, it's only vaguely about her politics - this is about her gender. This is saying that any woman is fair game for sexist attacks. As we've seen. This is the kind of nasty politics that aims to keep women from positions of power from the White House to the school board.

This is so distasteful that I'd have suspected that it was a Republican plant if I hadn't lived through the primary season.


jen said...

totally agree. i really dislike palin's positions and her lack of experience. i believe her gender played a huge strategic role in her selection.

but *attacking* her gender is just disgusting beyond belief.

Vol-in-Law said...

*ugh* this is really a new low. Makes the obnoxious right-wing t-shirts I've seen look like models of decency.

Sam said...

"Makes the obnoxious right-wing t-shirts I've seen look like models of decency."

Really? This is the worst you've seen? Come to Texas...I'll show you indecent.

Have you seen the thick-lipped Obama being chased by klansmen t-shirt "Run Obama Run"?

How about the noose with the caption "Swing State"?

Then there's the Curious George with a banana t-shirt, which I've seen in the grocery store..."Obama in '08" it says.

Nationally distributed cartoon: "Well, first off, that sign's gonna have to go." (Obama standing in front of the White House).

"The call it the White House for a reason" (on a t-shirt)

Fox News header: "Stop picking on Obama's baby mama!"

Have you seen the Obama monkey sock puppets?

I don't mean to make light of the insults directed at Palin; they are odious. But punning a slang term for the female pudendum and making sport of the murder of a presidential candidate are entirely different classes of insult.

Anonymous said...

Sam, your slip is showing. The degree of difference may depend upon your gender. VolMom

vol-in-law said...

Those sound more like neo-Nazi t-shirts, Sam. I was talkig about what I've seen on regular conservative websites; which can still get pretty nasty, like 'Bitches for Obama'.

Vol Abroad said...

I wouldn't dream of defending those vile racist slogans, but I did wonder how pervasive some of those t-shirts were. So I did a little study.

Thank goodness that Masters degree hasn't gone to waste.