Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Taking personal responsibility

Whose fault is it that the Vols lost last night? Was it an incoherent offensive strategy? Was it Foster's fumble or Lincoln's missed kicks? The opposing QB's growing confidence throughout the game. No. I have to accept personal responsibility.

Last year, following astute observation followed by scientific-like experiments, we discovered that if Buddy was wearing orange, preferably UT licensed gear, the Vols would do well. If, following, a spill, a spit up, or poo-splosion, Buddy had to have the orange removed - the Vols would falter. Several times we scrambled to find new orange to place on the sleeping child, and the Vols rallied. (This apparently only worked in regular season games, not in the SEC Championship game).

What was Buddy wearing last night? Navy blue.

To the entire Vol Nation, I offer my profound apologies.

Trouble is, as an infant he had a ton of UT stuff. Now, he has but one sweatshirt and it's getting kinda snug. The critter keeps growing. At least there's two weeks (almost) between now and the next game. Time to rescue the season. We know what must be done.

I'm looking for a change I can believe in
Looking forward to a victorious season


A Free Man said...

I'm actually bummed about that game as I always cheer for the SEC in non-conference games. Except for Florida - they're bastards.

Good news for me - revenge for '07may be easier than originally anticipated.

Did you stay awake for it?

Sam said...

Throw in a sprinkling of Neuheisel magic to the missed kick. Really though, to his credit, Lincoln kept them in the game on that massive kick at the end of regulation.

I'm hoping when St. Bobby packs it in in Tallahassee, the 'Noles can lure Neuheisel east. I know you Vols are a loyal bunch and all that but, honestly, are you really happy with Fulmer?

Vol Abroad said...

Vols? A loyal bunch? Are you thinking of some other Vols? Loyal if we're winning.

Some of my highest hitting posts are landed on from the search string "fire Phil Fulmer"

And no - I didn't stay awake for it. I got up this morning to listen to the archived game (if I could) and it was still on the live broadcast, but the football was over - they were just thanking the radio engineers and the assistant coffee maker and so on - and the score was right there in giant orange letters. I hate it when the score gets shoved in my face before I get a chance to listen to the game.

Vol Abroad said...

I will say there are some loyal Vols - my brother is a Phil Fulmer true believer.

genderist said...

I was able to stay awake for the first half. I might be crazy, but I thought the Offensive strat was working. The WR were consistently open... it would have been great if QB could have completed some passes. That's where we were short.

Defensively, we were okay until the second half when they didn't change from the zone to man-to-man coverage to adjust for the other O-strat.

Maybe this was my fault, too. I was wearing pajamas, not my #16 jersey.