Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain's speech

Since I didn't give up any sleep to listen to the Vol's season opener, there's no way in hidey-ho that I'm going to stay up to watch John McCain's speech tonight. So, I thought I'd dig up what I wrote about him almost two years ago when he gave a speech to the British Conservative Party Conference in 2006.

John McCain, if I ever thought he was a presidential contender - after what I saw, I certainly don't think so now. He looked old and frail and rheumy and said things like "you'll see more of the future than I will." The Vol-in-Law [and I] discussed this and could only come to the conclusion that McCain must now know that he will never be President.

How times change.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure about who will win the election. From my vantage point in TN I think the election will be VERY close. I can not fathom how those folks think, but they surely do think differently than I do, and there are lots of them.

What have you seen of Palin's speech? VolBro and I talked during the speech. We could hardly wait for your take on it.
I don't like her, and she is sloppy with truth and facts, but she is one powerful speaker. She reminds me of Ronald Reagan, but better. She doesn't have sustance, but she certainly has form (no body reference). Her ideas are W-A-A-Y right. Americans seem to prefer conservative women to liberal women, for sure.

I really want to comment on her hair, but I just will not go there since I couldn't describe the hair of the other candidates.

Find that speech somewhere and then let us know your response.
We're hurting here.


Vol Abroad said...

I'm not sure anymore. That's why I posted it - it seems quite ironic now that I was so dismissive back then.

Sam said...

It was one of the most contemptuous speeches I've ever heard. Palin cheerfully and smilingly mocked everything Barack Obama has ever done or would ever hope to do. It was so wholesomely vicious, it was like watching the Two Minutes Hate as a high school pep rally. I've never seen anything quite like it in all my days.

"john galt" said...

Sam evidently watched none of the Dimocrat convention.