Sunday, November 05, 2006

Admit defeat?

About two years ago we bought a bedside cabinet from IKEA - which we were going to use as a side table in the living room. I decided to tackle the assembly of the flat pack furniture on my own. I wanted to prove to the Vol-in-Law that I could do it on my own.

Unfortunately, I was not able to do it on my own. Several steps in, I discovered that some important holes weren't matching up. This jeopardised the structural integrity of said cabinet.

Sadly, as a couple, we let this problem fester. The cabinet has been sitting in our living room - unfinished - for these two years.

Today, the Vol-in-Law said that he wanted to buy a Play Station so that we could have more quality together time. (Women out there - this sounds like a male ruse to me - does the purchase of Play Station or similar result in more quality couple time?) I said - sure, yeah, let's go get one of those game consoles - after we've finished the cabinet.

After all this time - there was some doubt that we'd indeed still have all the bits and pieces - the screws, the nails, the special Alan key that goes with flat pack furniture. And the Vol-in-Law got to work - while I remained on the couch in a supervisory capacity.

Sure enough, the cabinet was improperly made and we were about four holes short of being able to put the frontage on a drawer. Yes, we got out the drill. But we did not choose each other on the basis of our carpentry skills.

After split wood, a hole drilled through the front - and two adjacent holes which bracketed where the real hole should have been, the Vol-in-Law gave up. The cabinet is still not complete, but it is two steps further than it was two years ago.


melusina said...

So did you buy the Play Station? And it only counts as quality time together if you actually like playing games.

Vol Abroad said...

Nope. We didn't finish the cabinet. This morning my husband said "Well, the good thing about our failure to complete the cabinet was that we saved all that Play Station money"

Anonymous said...

I've always admired the thinking of my favorite son-in-law. VM