Saturday, November 11, 2006

Replacement therapy

The Vol-in-Law has been eagerly anticipating the release of Medieval 2: Total War. He has been buying a lot of cheap, older games over the past month or so - trying to replace the thrill of Total War combat. We now have a lot of games installed that he's tried once. None of them really come close to the Total War experience.

He pre-ordered the game on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday. I heard the crash of swords as I drifted off last night. He said he wanted to try to invade Wales before going to bed. Historically, it took the English a couple of centuries and a big castle building campaign to subdue the Welsh. I probably won't be seeing very much of my husband over the next couple of weeks.

I won't be seeing very much of our computer either. Blogging may be light.

UPDATE: I've just spent over two hours playing the Medieval game myself.


genderist said...

The Hater and I play video games, too. The last couple of weeks we've played a RPG based off of Marvel comic book characters. We're killing off the bad guys, but it's about to get really hard.

I like the games where we can play on the same team to kill things or accomplish tasks.

He also has a new war game, but I've not played it yet. In war games I like to be the sniper and he likes to be Rambo. It works for us.

Vol-in-Law said...

What video games are good for bringing a couple together? :)

Anonymous said...

Is there hope for the world, when some of my most favorite people are killing people for fun!?! Do you not think this desensitizes humans to suffering? Makes war more acceptable, since it is just a game, or like a game? Are there no peaceful games that are action filled. In real life building something positive requires alot more action than destroying things, and apparently in the games world, positive is a lot more challanging than destroying.
Old foggey hippie VolMom (PS you're still my favorit son-in-law.)