Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry's mistake

John Kerry made a boo-boo. He slipped. He said something insensitive - apparently by accident - and now he's apologized for it. The Republicans are spinning and spinning to make the most of it. Which is kinda funny, since their leader isn't exactly gaffe-proof.

I'm sorry he said it just before the mid-terms. I hope the Republican spin doesn't damage Democrat chances. I really, really think it's important to slow down the crazy train the White House is on before it derails and hurts even more people. But on the other hand...I'm glad there's been a bit of a brou-ha-ha, since he was a disastrous candidate in '04 - and I'd like to see a campaign for a re-run in '08 scuppered before it gains any serious momentum.

Brittney did a nice round up of the TN bloggers' take on it at Nashville is Talking. But it took hearing a Tennessean interviewed on BBC radio this morning to put it in perspective. That fellow said something like John Kerry's words had been twisted - and that anyway he was a war hero. Which kind of put this comment Brittney picked up in perspective

Bear Creek Ledger:
For those who think this is an abberation, no, it isn’t. Kerry has been doing this since the early 1970’s, in fact I think John Kerry has never gotten out of the 70’s. He’s STUCK in Vietnam and his anti-war treasonous ways...

Hey, John Kerry might be stuck in Viet Nam - but at least he's actually been there.

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