Monday, November 13, 2006

Post election anecdote

I know it's not definitive or anything, but I found this email from VolBro just today - he'd sent it back in October. No racism in Tennessee? I don't know if it was what cost Harold the election, but given the closeness of the outturn isn't it just possible that the margin of defeat was composed of people like the ones described below?

(Please excuse my brother's swearing, he spent much of his childhood in the company of a degenerate older sister.)


Anyhow Bo and i have been working on the Harold Ford jr campaign. We've put
up signs here and there. Got a beer bottle thrown at us on Clinton highway while
doing our civic duties. Fucker hadn't even finished it yet. A sign of a trully
wasteful and ignorant Republican, but that's not the best.

A guy came into the store while my co workers and I were discussing
the stupidity of the smear campaign run against Ford.
Guy: ya I got a harold ford sticker on my truck bumper.
Politically aware: oh yeah good for you.
Guy: ya this redneck pulled up to me at a stoplight on kingston pk and called me a nigger lover Politically aware: thats awful but typical.
Guy: thats not the best part, he didnt know i was gay so i told him not only was i indeed a nigger lover, but also a faggot nigger lover. Apparently the redneck peeled off in disgust. Lucky queer.

We lost it and so did everyone else at the counter.
But on the other hand, you gotta love Tennessee. My brother and his friend Bo are some good old, Volunteer football lovin', bass fishin', country music listenin', beer swillin' boys - but they were out hammering in yard signs for Harold Ford. So how 'bout that and racism?


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Anonymous said...

I'm always so angry when the South is portrayed as a bunch of racists on television and in movies. It is both disgusting and sad that people like this still exist and continue to give the South a bad name.

"John Galt" said...

According to the Daily Fishwrapper (AKA The Tennessean), any white who did not vote for Jr. is a racist but black voters who voted for him because of his race were not.

Vol Abroad said...

Yes, yes. I know that's the way a lot of people read that editorial.

I certainly don't think all the white voters who didn't vote for Harold didn't vote for him for racist reasons. That would be crazy. I voted for him and I can think of several good reasons why someone might not vote for him. But I don't think we can necessarily discount racism among the electorate making it more difficult for black candidates.