Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ken backs terror - again

London Mayor Ken Livingstone had to make a big old U-turn yesterday after supporting the employment of a convicted terrorist on the Underground system.

Mohammed Kamel Mostafa is the son of Abu Hamza-al Masri (currently in jail for inciting murder and racial hatred). He was hired as a labourer by one London Underground's subcontractors.

This Mostafa is the same guy who is embarking on a rap career and has sung glorifying odes to the 7/7 bombers.

But what did Ken say in a press conference yesterday morning?

"Has he broken any law here in Britain? [No, so] we are happy to have him working for us," he said.
And then went on to say we don't hold the sins of the father against the son. I'd be sympathetic to that point of view - except Mr Mostafa had done time in Yemen for plotting terror against tourist and economic targets. Sixteen British tourists were kidnapped in a reputed attempt to exchange them for Abu Hamza's son and the others. In the attempt to free the kidnapped Britons four were killed. All very messy - and though I'm not sure Abu Hamza has been convicted of being an accessory - he has been linked to these crimes.

Mayor Ken now says that he didn't have all the facts - and of course he doesn't support Mostafa's appointment now.

So Ken, why did you shoot your mouth off in support of this guy if you didn't have all the facts. and why have you once again made your presumption in support of violent Islamists?

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