Saturday, November 11, 2006

Normandy and remembering

Today is Veteran's Day, tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday. My husband and I visited Normandy in September and saw the countryside that was filled with paratroops and bombs and bullets and blood. We saw the graves and the twisted metal left behind. I hope it helped me have a tenth of the appreciation I ought to have for those who suffered and sacrificed overseas and at home.

Both my grandfathers were in the Army during WWII, one helping to build the atom bomb and the other fighting in France and Germany. You can read the latter's story here.

Omaha Beach
Omaha Beach

American cemetery
The American Cemetery

memento mori
Memorial tokens left at the British and Commonwealth War Graves in Bayeux, France

Arromanches, Normandy, France - many of the store fronts were decorated with similar messages of appreciation.


Anglofille said...

Your photo of the American Cemetery is lovely. I hope to visit in the spring, once the weather is nice again.

Vol Abroad said...

All of that stuff is well worth visiting. Don't miss Pointe du Hoc (not far from the American cemetery)