Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I promise to be good

The UK Press Complaints Commission [PCC] has called for a voluntary code of conduct for bloggers. Since self-regulation is a lot like putting several 10 year olds in charge of themselves*, I'm all for it. I'm now self-regulated. No change there then.

"On the internet "there are no professional standards, there is no means of redress", Mr Toulmin [of the PCC] said.

He added: "If you want to see how the newspaper industry would look like if it was unchecked, then look at the internet."

He said a voluntary code of practice would allow content to be checked without government involvement, stressing: "We're not in favour of regulating the internet. The flow of information should not by regulated by any government."

Hmmm - exactly who is doing the checking. The PCC? And who pays for it? The individual Brit blogger by paying a membership fee to the PCC?

Here's what I have to say to the PCC. Go screw yourself. I'm not paying you busybodies any money.

*at least the 10 year olds I liked when I was 10 - I'm not talking about that goody-goody girl with the gleaming straight hair, unwrinkled clothes and the tendency to tell on others to teacher


jen said...

HA! Thanks for a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

Join the voluntary code free zone by adding the badge to your website. You can find it here . Please pass it on.