Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Knoxville, Knoxville, Knoxville

The tv at the gym today was showing The Simpsons epsiode where Bart goes to Knoxville on Spring Break.

"Disneyland or Knoxville?" Bart asks.
"Knoxville, Knoxville, Knoxville," is the unanimously chosen destination shouted by his rag tag bunch of chums.

I know it ends in strife and despair. I know the Sunsphere falls over in a heap. I've seen this episode before. A friend in York taped it for me and sent it through our work's internal post years ago when it was only a fabled rumor. Still it cracks me up. Who ever went to UT who hasn't felt stranded in Knoxville at some time? I laughed so hard at the scene of the decrepit and abandoned World's Fair site I felt compelled to tell the woman on the bike next to me as she stared at me quizzically "That's where I'm from."

I stayed on the bike a full 20 minutes longer than I meant to just so I could watch the Bart goes to Knoxville show.

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