Monday, April 28, 2008

A cut that's easy to maintain

There comes a time in every woman's life when she says "I can't be bothered with the elaborate 'dos. Just give me a nice simple haircut that takes about five minutes to fix and is easy to maintain."

For me, that point came when I was about ten or so. Roughly about the time I didn't want my mother to brush my hair anymore.

I just can't be bothered much with the whole hair thing. So this post isn't about hair. It's about gardening.

I've reached a point where I need a garden that take about five minutes to fix and is easy to maintain. My garden is quite small, but my plant collection and the fact that I've waaay overplanted means that it requires a fair bit of maintenance. Weeding, pruning, staking, feeding, mulching, lifting, dividing - and worst of all - pest control.

I've decided I'm going to pitch out a bunch of stuff and replant with minimum fuss plantings that I know can withstand me nemeses: the gastropods, the lily beetle and a nasty kind of root grub that goes after rhododendrons and impatiens (a plant I previously thought was easy peasy). I'm going to dig up all my oriental and asiatic lilies and I think I'm going to get rid of a large tree peony, too. (It's nice, but I'm afraid it's just too big for my small garden). I think I'm going to replace the lifted items with hellebores, day lilies, ferns, heuchera and white Japanese anemones. (It won't take many. The garden is small and there are some there already).

And best of all, I think I'm going to make my VolMom do much of the work when she's over in May.

I want less of this

impatiens problem
grubs on impatiens

pretty, but evil

I hate slugs
snail damage

More of these

terracotta hemerocallis
terracotta daylily

Japanese anemone - though I want the pure white kind



Anonymous said...

Does the old beer in a saucer trick work on slugs in England?

Vol Abroad said...

I've never had much luck with that. Sure it attracts some slugs and snails and sure they die and all. But it means a daily trip to empty out the nasty gastropod corpse filled saucer.


genderist said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

That's exactly what we're talking about, too. What can we plant so that it'll not require too much fuss...

This weekend is our adventure in the dirt.