Friday, April 11, 2008

self medicating

I used to love me some whiskey. I'm partial to Jack. But since pregnancy and what with the breastfeeding and all, I've barely had a sniff much less a sip in nineteen months.

I have a cold. I've almost completely lost my voice. My throat hurts and my eyes are bleary. Time for a house call by Dr Daniels.

Let me just say, I'm feeling pretty mellow.


jen said...

awww. hope you feel better soon!

(though Jack and I are definitely *not* friends anymore!)

Nicole said...


Nice. :)

Anonymous said...

Admnister 1 oz. of Old No. 7 per hour until either you are gone or the contents of the bottle are gone.

Cordially, Dr. Jack Daniel.

"John Galt" said...

"I used to love me some whiskey."

When did this construction of a declarative sentence become fashionable?