Monday, April 21, 2008

ID please

My local cemetery often has football (soccer) related floral tributes. Lots and lots of soccer balls. Football strips (jerseys) and crests - mostly in Arsenal and Chelsea colours.


playing away

And the occasional Manchester United strip:

MAN U floral tribute

But here's one I don't recognise. Which football team is this? It's driving me crazy. Sam, do you know?

What team?


Sam said...

Hey Vol, I googled "logo with iba" and checked the "image" results and found this: Could that be it? Looks pretty close.

Chris in Flux said...

God, I'll miss the Brits!

Vol Abroad said...

Yep - that's it - I found the same logo with reverse colors here:

So - not football - it's the International Bodyguard Association. Seems slightly less wholesome.