Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Very tired

I know I've not been up to my usual standard of wit and wry observational humor. But I am sleep deprived. Buddy isn't doing well on the whole sleep thing.

I am, as the Brits would say, knackered.


Furrow said...

Oh, NO!!!! This does not give me hope for our own sleep future. We're still getting up once a night with 5 month old Zora.

Hope it gets better for you.

Vol Abroad said...

It's actually only gotten worse over time.

Anonymous said...

It will get better. By the time he is a teenager he will want to sleep until noon or later. But the going to bed, well that never got better. I remember. VolMom

I really sympathize. It is amazing how strung out you can get. Perhaps it is time for him to go to his own room and learn to stick it out. I didn't do that with you or your brother and I'm not sure it was not a mistake.