Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Trouble in Tibet

I thought the boycott of the Beijing Olympics by celebrity luminaries on the basis of Chinese involvement in Darfur was ridiculous. I'm no fan of the Chinese communist government, but really... I thought it was fairly laughable considering all the other nasty stuff that China has done and continues to do in terms of human rights, property rights and civil rights to its own people.

OK, so the Chinese sold weapons to the Sudanese. They probably also sold them contaminated pet food and lead painted toys, or at least they would have, had the Sudanese been in the market for such things. I don't think China really cares about the oppression of this or that group in the Sudan. They just wanted to sell some guns, just like they sell some guns to all kinds of people. If that's a measure of moral depravity*, then the US and the UK and the Czechs and so on should just cover their heads in global shame.

So at least with the Tibet thing, there's a legitimate reason to be hacked off with China. I'm glad that expenditure of celebrity energy is going to something real.

*I'm not saying it's not.


girl from the south said...

It's been interesting to watch. The Free Tibet people have always been extreme, and celebrities are always looking for high-profile causes to make them seem intellectually relevant.

A Hill staffer friend of mine is working on a resolution about the religious persecution currently going on in China. It's akin to Fox's Book of Martyrs, but you never hear about it. It's just wrong how the news glosses over the human rights violations going on in China.

~lifedramatic~ said...

What say you Vols fan?? I'm calling you out on my blog!

No love for the lady Vols?