Sunday, September 30, 2007


Friday night's Euro millions lottery draw had a jackpot of eighty-eight million pounds. That's roughly a squillion dollars what with the weakness of the US currency.

I haven't checked our tickets yet. To check would be to almost certainly ruin the fantasy given the actual odds. I figure I can maximise the entertainment value of the tickets by not checking them for a bit - not knowing that I haven't won.

I've decided that if we do become squillionaires, I won't be going back to work. The Vol-in-Law said he'd feel obligated to finish out this semester.

I'd also buy a new car, a house in the country with an electronic gate, a boat, I'd look for some kind of business venture to invest my money in and occupy my time. Well, I already know what that would be, but am somehow superstitious of mentioning it. But it would be fun and something the whole family could enjoy (and no it wouldn't be the revival of Pigeon Forge's Porpoise Island).

I think I might also buy the Vols a defense, if that didn't violate NCAA rules or something.

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