Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A limited success

a limited success

I finally gave up on the tomatoes - and pulled up the sole remaining plant this afternoon to be replaced with a winter bedding scheme.

That one red 'un is nearly the extent of my harvest. I got a couple of cherry tomatoes earlier in the season, but that's it. It's just been too damp, too cool and too gray for much ripening.

Oh well, better luck next year. Anyone know a good recipe that calls for one bowl of green ta-maters?


missyb64 said...

I made a Southern Caprese Salad last summer... Fried Green Tomatoes topped with basil, sliced Proscuitto, and fresh Mozzarella, drizzled with balsamic and dusted with sea salt and pepper. There's my idea, hope it helps!

Chris in Oxford said...

At least you got one red one! Mine died of the blight back in July. Late summer tomatoes make me miss the South!

jen said...

I'm in the same boat - though I only had 3 small plants on the balcony, not a single one has ripened fully yet.

I'm holding out until the first frost ;)

furrow said...

B made oven "fried" green tomatoes last night. He used italian herbs on it so that we could use it on top of pasta. Very, very good.

That's a lot of maters there, though. Green tomato chutney? Jelly?

Vol Abroad said...

hmmm....the ideas are inspiring - combining the salad idea and the pasta idea - maybe.

No way I'm doing any canning, though.

Anonymous said...

No receipe, but I surely do like the photo. VM