Tuesday, September 04, 2007


If I were Queen of the World, one of my (many) edicts would be:

There will be one official tv or radio sound effect sound for telephones. It will be universally recognised as such and will sound different from standard telephone rings.

I'm easily confused.


Furrow said...

The same goes for cat screeches. I can easily ignore my own cat making such a noises (it usually means his bowl is empty yet again), but it gets our dog riled up every time.

By the way, why is there always a cat screeching every time someone wrecks a car or knocks over trashcans? And why is no one ever concerned about the poor kitty?

Vol Abroad said...

I hadn't thought about that - but that's edict worthy, too.

There was a British ad for a car which pretends to be a family puppy. A very rambunctious puppy. It sees a cat - and then there is a cat screech - and I thought "That can't have ended well for kitty." That always bothered me.

I care about the distressed sound effect kitties.