Friday, September 14, 2007

A good year for dope?

Regular readers will know I do like to garden. I'm pleased to say my fingers (UK) and thumb (US) are pretty green - I have a nice depth and breadth of knowledge for an amateur gardener. My parents, though, will probably be pleased to note that I know almost nothing about growing marijuana.

I don't know what kind of growing conditions marijuana needs. But just looking at it - and knowing where it grows, I'd guess it needs heat, more light than you'd find in an average basement, and a fair bit of moisture. But maybe not. Despite a bad growing season for most things in Tennessee this year, maybe Cannabis is more drought tolerant than I thought - cause it's been a bumper year for dope in Cocke County.

Tennessee Highway Patrol helicopter pilot, working with the Governor’s Task Force for Marijuana Eradication, spotted marijuana plants in a Cocke County cornfield Monday valued at half a million dollars.


It is the largest harvest in Cocke County this year and perhaps the largest marijuana eradication in Tennessee this summer. The more than 45-hundred plants, ranging in height from eight to 15 feet tall, were collected and taken to the Cocke County Highway Department, where they were destroyed Monday evening.

William at Nashville is Talking wonders about the consequences of the Cocke County crackdown:

in a year of unprecedented drought where traditional crops have failed, how many rural farmers in Cocke Co., one of the poorest counties in TN, will not be able to feed their families?

...or indeed keep their families pacified.


Furrow said...

Hmm, then maybe my CSA should have been stuffing the boxes with pot, because people are starting to get irritable about the measly share they get for $30/week.

They could've labeled it as "mixed greens." I'll bet few people would've caught on.

"John Galt" said...

True or not, the authorities have been claiming for years that the number one cash crop in Tennessee is cannabis.