Sunday, September 16, 2007

Swamp of tears

2 months old today

Oh no! What a wretched defeat. Being five hours ahead and a little sleep deprived, we went to bed at half time. Looks like it was just the right point to go.

Florida - 59 Tennessee -20


"John Galt" said...

...we went to bed at half time..."

The Tennessee defense dozed off a little before you and slept soundly during the second half.

On a brighter note, Vandy beat Ole Miss. :-)

Anonymous said...

We only saw the last half. It was excruciating. VolMom

BTW, S's hair reminds me of another little girl I used to know, except that little girls hair was blonder. Can you believe P the giant. In the photo of the two of them sitting down, P is as tall and broad as his sister. Only her legs are longer. He and W will be mutt and jeff.

genderist said...

This was my favorite picture from the montage...
we made the same face about third quarter.