Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred marrying ambition

More on Fred. Here's another article in the LA Times about Fred's early days, marrying young in Lawrenceburg. A lot of it's about his former in-laws, the Lindseys. I can't say I'm a political fan of Fred Thompson, but I liked his work in Law and Order and I can't help but be a little excited about reading these stories about my old home town in newspapers of natonal note.

This article is full of little known and rarely recalled facts about the wild nature of Lawrence County politics. Including matters of the ballot being settled by the bullet. I wish my grandfather was alive today so that I could ask him about all that. He was heavily involved in Lawrence County politics in those days and had a political rivalry with one of the Lindseys mentioned in the story. But I didn't know about the shoot-out (my grandfather wasn't involved, I can't imagine that he would have been at least he's not mentioned in the story).

Here's another little known fact: I used to have a picture of Fred's ex-mother-in-law hanging up in my kitchen.

H/T Volunteer Voters


Furrow said...

I read that last sentence over and over and kept missing the word "picture." It makes slightly more sense now.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pictures, I think the female class officer is J.B.'s mother. Look and see if you don't agree. She is about the right age to be in his class. Vol Mom

Vol Abroad said...

I don't know if that's JB's mom - the hair doesn't seem big enough.

Anonymous said...

Times change. That was before big hair. VolMom

Anonymous said...

After seeing a scrapbook of the Fair in 1959 (at the 60th anniversary of the Lburg Rotary Club) I saw a picture of LCHS guidance counselor LKN. I think it might be her. She never had big hair, and still looks almost the same at 66. VolMom