Thursday, September 06, 2007

The feud is off!

My great aunt Tiny probably carried her grudge to her grave. Many other proud Lawrence-burgers weren't too happy about it either. One night, many, many years ago apparently Johnny Carson announced on The Tonight Show that Lawrenceburg, TN shared the honor (along with Detroit) of being the American city with the most unsolved murders. And apparently he didn't say it in a helpful way.

I never saw the episode, but I heard about it. Even in my 20s, people ocassionally asked me about it. I used to say - it's not the murder rate, it's the unsolved murder rate. That means no official clear up. In Lawrenceburg, we have our own justice, I'd say.

But I guess the hard feelings are over, 'cause The Tonight Show was filmed in the Big Burg yesterday. I mean it must have been since Fred Thompson was going to announce in town and he threw his hat in the presidential ring on the show last night.


To be fair, I did read somewhere on the Internet that he'll be having a homecoming in Lawrenceburg on the 15th. (I hope VolMom can tell me all about it, but I bet she doesn't go.)

The Vol-in-Law said "I bet if he wins, he won't even put the presidential library in Lawrenceburg."

Would you?


Anonymous said...

Sorry-o, Fred appeared on the late night show elsewhere--not in the burg. Freddie didn't make his announcement here.(Actually it was on his web-site).
Fred doesn't spend much time here, his mom doesn't live here any longer either.
Locals are all excited, but Fred didn't do one thing for Lawrence County during his term as senator and I don't expect anything from him now. I'm surprised he is even coming.
As you can see, I'm not a big fan. But he did remember me. His law office was on the same floor as Arthur Andersen back in the 80's in Nashville. He recognized me in the hall one day. I certainly remember him, but I was in grade school when he was in high school. We did go to the same church for a while.
After I voted for Fred once for senator and he did nothing for the old neighborhood, I swore off Republicans forever. (My greatest fear is that as I grow older, I will become more conservative and maybe vote for a republican again).
My Dad said he didn't think there was much chance of that given the state of affairs. I could be a lot more conservative and still not vote for a Republican. In fact, I am going out of my comfort zone to vote for Hillary. (She is too conservative, and is from a Republican family). VolMom

genderist said...

Why wouldn't he put his library in Lawrenceburg? I think there's some land available next to the Co-Op... and I know they're always looking for someone who can pay rent on the square.

A.C. McCloud said...

That reminds me of that old song, "Night the Lights went out in Georgia" for some reason.