Monday, June 02, 2008

All reality all the time (for real)

Since introducing my mother to the delights of Eurovision, we spent 7 nights watching the utterly captivating Britain's Got Talent. That was one night of condensed auditions, 5 nights of gripping semi-finals and, of course, the finals.

Dana (a distant cousin - we've been at the same reunions, but never knowingly met) sums it up as Possibly the best British show Americans will never see. It could be.

My favourite acts were the forties singers from Newcastle, the hula hoop trio (go to Dana's site - she's dredged up the YouTube videos) and Kate and Gin - a dancing dog act. Only Kate and Gin made it to the finals, where I have to say I didn't especially want them to win - but I hope that it launches a long career for Kate in the dog dancing acts at Crufts.

Do Americans get televised coverage of Crufts? If not, I'd vote for that in the running of possibly the best British show Americans will never see.

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Chris in Happy Valley said...

I watched about 20 minutes of "Australia's Got Talent". You know what? They really don't.