Monday, June 23, 2008

Choosing from the dregs?

I do love the European Football Championship, but without England, it's just joyless. Yes, I know I've said this before. But for months after England failed to qualify, every time I thought about it I wanted to throw up a little.

As the first of the knock out games began, I started to watch a little more. But now all the teams I might have liked are gone.

Who's left to love? Russia, Turkey, Spain and Germany. The evil axis of footballing? Maybe Spain. I had a pretty good time there. Maybe Germany, I got a lot of free drinks there one time.


Noble Savage said...

I feel the same, especially since my secondary team, Holland, are out as well. I don't mind who wins now, as long as it's not Russia. They can't have Eurovision *and* the European Championships in the same year.

melusina said...

I was bummed Greece couldn't hold up their end of the 2004 championship by at least getting to the quarterfinals. They just didn't try, I'm really surprised they were actually in the damn thing in the first place.

I was expecting Holland to go through so I could cheer for their orangey goodness. I guess I'll have to root for Germany, although Spain plays well.