Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lacklustre Euro 2008 blogging

Now that the European football tournament has reached the knockout stages, I should be a little more interested - even though England didn't qualify which makes the whole thing a painful endeavour.

Portugal v Germany? Who do I hate more? Hmmm...Portugal. They lost. Croatia v Turkey? Hmmm....I guess I'd be marginally in favour of Croatia because of the cool red and white check thing they have going on, but there's something about their sporting gloaty-ness which bugs me. Anyway, Croatia lost last night in a penatly shoot-out, but even though I checked in on the game, I didn't stick with it. A bit of shame, because it sounds like it was quite exciting at the end.

One game I did watch a fair bit of was the final qualifying match between Italy and France. A little rematch of the World Cup finals - without the headbutting Zidane. France just fell apart at the end, even amiable Thierry Henry crumbled like a cookie. I supported Italy last time around and this time, too. France bombed out of the group stages. Ha ha.

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