Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Love those rental rates

Hey kids it's Wimbledon - and this is the first year that we have full service on a bus that runs from spitting distance from my front door (but not right on my street) straight to the Wimbledon tennis grounds. Seriously, it's less than 20 minutes* and practically zero walking.

And do you know what that means? That means if I could get my act together we could rent out our house or do a house swap during Wimbledon for some seriously fab locale. I hear rich people with nice houses like Wimbledon.

But, I don't get my act together. Our house is a tip. A tip filled with baby and baby accessories. Maybe next year.

For you folks with cars with America, maybe 20 minutes doesn't sound that close. In London it is.


andrea said...

We live IN Wimbledon and still couldn't get our act together to do this.

Then again our house is also a tip filled with baby and baby accessories, so there you go!

Anonymous said...

Now, bless yer hearts, vol abroad et al and andrea et al should swap houses during Wimbleton next year (even this year) Ah, a tipping point, accomplishing the unaccomplishable

vol papa

Lois said...

Hi Vol & Andrea

Yes, it's a bit too late to arrange a home swap this year during Wimbledon fortnight but you've got the right idea - you are living in prime home exchange territory right now!

Lots of home exchangers have babies and young kids and most will know all about 'living in a tip'. The best idea is to try to arrange an exchange with another young family as they'll appreciate that you will have all the baby gear and toys in your home (and vice versa) so they don't have to bring so much stuff - and should be prepared a little tippishness for the luxury of having a whole home for free.

Home Base Holidays, London