Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How 'bout them Vols?


I'm still all in a tizzy over the decline of civil discourse in the UK - following the Danish cartoon row (Brittney and NIT has a selection of Mid-State posts on that and Michael Silence has the round-up with an Eastern slant)

But there's one bright spot in my big bright orange spot.

Hey, how 'bout the men's basketball team? How 'bout Bruce Pearl? Go Vols.

Read all about the Wildcat skinning here:, Six Meat Buffet, and a pre-game one from Left of the Dial (note to self, must get Frank on my music, Vols and reasonable politics, what more could a girl want?).

Check out this Lady Vols fan site.

Meanwhile Joel Hollingsworth at the View from Rocky Top gives us hope for a cheerier football season with a series of profiles of the new recruits.

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