Monday, February 20, 2006

What's in bloom?

I love spring bulbs and flowers...I love the anticipation and the unfolding...

What's in bloom this week? Not a heck of a lot. My garden seems very slow to take off this year, nary a daffodil.

On the upside, this means that bulbs will have a more intense, showier season.

But here's what's in bloom from this week:

Hellebore - I think this is an ericsmithii, that I bought for cheap one time. Wouldn't it be cool to have a flower named after you?

Maybe this one should be called crocus volabroadii
Orange and white crocus

I also have a smattering of snowdrops in bloom.
February snowdrop 1

My mother-in-law and I dug these up last year just after Easter from the abandoned homestead across the road from her house in Aberdeenshire. We packed them in moss and I carried them in a backpack down to London and put them out despite a raging cold. At her house they don't bloom until late March, but they are lush and thick. This year in my garden, they're a little straggly, but I'm pleased they've done as well as they have.


Nicole said...

Ah, they are beautiful! I can't wait until we have room for a garden. I tried to have herbs on the window sill but when it turned really cold just after Christmas, they died on me.

jen said...

lovely. it's so nice that spring comes so early here... i'm jealous you have a garden! i only have flowerboxes.

Vol Abroad said...

just wait til bbq season! mmm... I'll have to have you down.