Saturday, July 29, 2006

Camera shopping

So, I've finally decided which camera I want: the Cannon S3 IS - based on much reading of reviews and the clincher: anonymous comment on my previous post.
(Not so anonymous really, I know who it is - since he linked to the photos he's taken with that model). I've known the guy for almost 20 years, and he's a fantastic photographer.

After checking prices online, I went to Tottenham Court Road after work yesterday to go get me one - despite the fact it tops the budget I agreed with the Vol-in-Law.

Tottenham Court Road is the place to go for electronics in Central London. It's shop after warren-like shop of digitalia and electronica. And the souk-like atmosphere encourages bargaining. But no one could or would match even the price of Amazon (one guy came close, but he was sold out). I'm not the toughest negotiator at the best of times, but I really wasn't on form.

I walked out camera-less.

I did catch some interesting interchanges between staff and other customers. One woman wanted to return a camera two months after purchase and after some use because it didn't take good pictures in low light. Apparently they all came out blurry. She was quite upset and was waving pictures around - which I never did get a good look at. She was insistent that they had sold her the wrong camera - and maybe they had. Clearly she wanted a camera that would automatically read both her mind and the prevailing light conditions - and return a super sharp, beautifully composed shot of the subject she wanted. I waited around to see if they had that camera in stock - but no luck.


This morning an email arrived from my photographer friend - with more raving about the S3. He said one of the benefits was its fast speed which he said prevented a non-snapping travel companion from getting bored or annoyed with you. He reeled off 1000 shots and his wife "barely complained".

The Vol-in-Law was intrigued. In my film days, I often took a long time to compose shots - not wanting to waste a single frame (I did some great photos though) and even though I'm faster now with the digital the shutter lag means that I miss great shots of animals and annoy any posing human subjects.

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