Thursday, July 13, 2006


I'm at a meeting with various public sector types today. They're all very left wing - which means I'm constantly having to watch myself and my "right wing" views. Tennessee readers (particularly those of you who really ARE right wing) might laugh that the liberal Vol Abroad could be painted as the reactionary type. I mentioned that a friend is a councillor in Wandsworth to someone I've worked with off and on over the years - and I think he was pretty shocked when he found out she was a Conservative. He even went downright aggressive at one point demonstrating his lefty views as some kind of fancy red plumage, daring me to agree or disagree.


I delivered a workshop today as well. I've been pretty sick lately, and I think I almost fainted at one point. It sucks being sick in the summer.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, according to Jung Chang and Jon Halliday biography of Mao, Mao was right wing. I guess anybody can be anything. (The book is interestingly written, but almost funny at some points, there is a noticable bias.

Hope you're feeling at least a little better.


Nicole said...

I think I haven't figured out Brit politics yet because from your writing you sound like a leftie to me. . .

Hope you feel better! I'm fighting a cold right now too- I coughed up a bit of lung this moring. . .

Vol-in-Law said...

We took one of those (US-based) online political tests - the Vol Abroad scored as mildly socially liberal (about 60-40) and an economic moderate (50-50). I scored mildly liberal both socially & economically. Economically liberal as in free market that is, not American-socialist. Overall this puts us both towards the right of the American Democratic party and roughly in the middle of the British Conservative party, since Britain is largely socialist and America is the most right-wing country in the western world.

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with that last statement, which is why the C word makes me break out in hives.