Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shirking from home

I was working at home yesterday - and it was beastly hot. The ViL decided that I should take a long lunch and visit the local pool. It took me a moment or two to get over the guilt of leaving my PC, and we got our towels and goggles and the pound coin for the lockers and put on our swimsuits.

We braved the heat of the car and when we arrived at the leisure centre I managed to snag a shady-ish parking spot. We ran up to the entry, if not exactly like excited kids, then certainly with a degree of anticipation.

And do you know what we saw? A notice on the door informing us that the pool was shut for a month from that very day.

Talk about bad karma.
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genderist said...

That's bad timing... How hot has it been for you lately? We got a short reprive from the 100+s for a few days, but the last couple of days have been SUPER hot again.

Vol Abroad said...

actually it's not that bad this week, but all the buildings have warmed up - so even though it's only in the upper 80s - maybe lower 90s one day - the house doesn't really cool down at night.