Saturday, July 01, 2006


Well, I'm four for four on my World Cup quarter final predictions. I got them all wrong.

France, Italy, Portugal, Germany remain for the semi-finals.

I can believe Portugal beat England...on penalities...again. But Brazil goes down to France? I didn't see the game, but unbelievable. I don't think I can watch the highlights tonight...I don't want to re-live the pain. I am really tore up over the loss - or as the the English would say - I'm gutted.

Now that England's 'bout them Vols? Not long now til it's football time in Tennessee.

(I may be one of the few people in the world whose car sports both England and UT paraphenalia).


Sam said...

Rooney didn't deserve that card. England didn't deserve to play a man down. And that mincing little primadonna, Cristiano Ronaldo (cursed be his name), didn't deserve to win it.

Now that our suffering is at an end, every England supporter will have questions, many questions, about the team selection, the choice of formation, the game lineups, and tactical philosophy. Unfortunately, Erickson is gone and has to answer to no one. And fortunately, Erickson is gone and must answer to his own conscience. Is Steve McClaren the answer? After Middlesbrough's dismantling at the hands of Villareal, I had the sick feeling that the FA has blundered again.

The most immediate question, of course, is why, once they've survived 120 minutes of hell, England couldn't muster up the guts and confidence to fight through a shootout. Years of work, toil, pain, sacrifice climaxing in a few moments of focused concentration. And our Lions slink away like lambs. And to the Portuguese? That makes me illest of all.

At least Les Bleus have saved us from another 90 minutes of dancing and diving from Brazil. It's the only thing worthwhile to take away from the day.

Vol Abroad said...

1. Rooney did deserve the card. I don't think it was for stepping on the guy's nuts, I think he got the card for pushing Ronaldo - unacceptable behavior - but less bad than Figo's headbut in the previous game. But I agree, Cristiano is an ass. His goal was to punch Rooney's buttons - as a teammate he knows what those are - and he punched 'em and Rooney - hot head little {@#@% fell for it and got the red card.

2. Of course, the FA blundered again!! Why not wait til after the World Cup, when the coaches start tarting themselves around?? McClaren?? Whatever.

3. England always loses on penalties. Stupid, I know. On the upside, after Beckham left and Rooney was sent off, I thought they played the best they've done in this tournament. Sven was too reliant on stars that weren't tip-top fit. What really sucked though was that Gerrard was having a bit of an off game all the way through today. He put in the work, but the passes just weren't succeeding.

4. I hate Les Bleus. But, I guess it's nice to see Zidane go out on good form.

Sam said...

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree on the card. Rooney was fouled before the disputed incident, so play should've been stopped prior to Caravalho scissoring his legs. Anyway, I don't think a shove to the chest without any intent to any harm deserved a straight sending off. But what do I know, I just watch football...a LOT of football.

As for France, I've got no reason to dislike them, but I know people often do...dislike them that is. I spent about 2 months in France some time back and had a delightful time. Portugal, on the other hand, where I also spent about two months, is a beautiful country whose only flaw is the presence of the Portuguese. A most disagreeable experience.

The French team, I think, has generated some very attractive football after a slow start. Ribery was a force of nature today. He runs the way Gerrard can when he's got it clicking. Speaking of Stevie G...poor man. He's one of the most exciting players at the club level and looked like a ghost of himself today. It was horrible to see Rio Ferdinand reduced to convulsive weeping again. I remember in the FA Cup final against Arsenal a couple of years ago he missed his penalty and Vieira converted his to win it. Ferdinand was inconsolable then too. It's been almost twelve hours and I'm still sick to my stomach about it.

Sam said...

By the way, where do your loyalties lie for the balance of the tournament?

Vol Abroad said...

Maybe I was being tough on Rooney, but like a true English fan, I'm turning on him. He gets treated hard by refs, harder than he should, but he knows this - and needs to keep his head.

As to the rest of the tourney,'s a toughie. Who will be the least insufferable if they win? They'll all be awful.

I can't believe I'm going to have to root for France in the semis, but I just can't be dealing with Portugal.

As for final loyalties, I'm gonna have to go all girly and pick Italy. They arguably have the hottest team in the tournament - and certainly the hottest left. Rrrao.

(BTW - I used to think Cristiano was quite tasty, but after his little wink last night - that's it for me.)

melusina said...

I swear it wasn't my fault. Sure, it is true, going into this whole thing England was a favorite. But through the whole game yesterday I kept my mind blank - except once it got to the penalty shoot out I couldn't help but scream and shout for England to do it, do it, do it. Ah well.

Brazil played some piss poor football. France deserved the win.

Of course, I have someone in mind for the end, but I dare not speak the name. I will not curse the rest of the World Cup!