Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Flight from Lebanon

While folks are arguing about who's the bigger villain - Hezbollah or Israel - a girl I know, was trapped in Lebanon. Lebanon had seemed safe. She was travelling with a school friend and her family who had connections there.

She and the people she was with slipped over the border to Syria, dodging Israeli bombs. They caught a flight back to London - arriving yesterday. Thankfully.

Of course, most people in Lebanon aren't able to leave. They have no place else to go - and must endure the bombardment of Israeli missiles.

I sincerely hope that the bombing can end and that Israel can work with a Hezbollah-free Lebanese government to create peace in the region. But let's face facts, so long as Hezbollah and Hamas and others live by a theology that calls for destruction of not just Israel but of the Jewish people - chances don't look good.

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