Monday, July 10, 2006


I'm returning to work after having been off sick for three days. I've barely left the house since Tuesday evening. I can't remember the last time I've called in so many days in a row. I think it might have been the time I tore a ligament running for a train. If I'd had an automatic car or if it wasn't completely insane to drive into central London I might have still been able to work. That's the thing for a London office worker - the commute is often the toughest part of your day -and I find myself taking off sick (or at least working from home) when I might otherwise have gone in if I didn't have to face the Tube journey.

I'm already feeling this tube journey (blogging while commuting) but I'm putting on a major-ish event this week so I really need to go in.


Saturday I started to get cabin fever. I wanted to have some fun. Low key fun. The Vol-in-Law and I decided to check out the White Eagle - a Polish club with a bar and restaurant that our local Labour councillor said he'd had no trouble getting into. I like Eastern European food, so I've been itching to try the place. We drove up there and scanned the streets looking for a storefront place. Nope - it's in a giant old public house (I'm presuming) with parking out front (rare in our parts) with a giant Polish crest of a scary looking white eagle on a background of arterial red. Also out front was a giant, scary-looking Polish bouncer.

I decided I wasn't quite up to that new experience and we drove on home. That was quite enough fun, it turned out. At any rate, as the Vol-in-Law pointed out, I always start to get bored before I actually get better.
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