Monday, July 03, 2006

Still gutted

This post is dedicated to followers of European football and SEC football - all 8 of you.

The Vol-in-Law is away, in a place without a tv or internet (and no it's not prison), so he called me on Saturday to check the result. He isn't as big a fan of English football as I am (for instance he gloated mercilessly when Northern Ireland beat England) - but he was pretty disappointed.

When my husband called last night, he was still disappointed, and I told him I felt about as bad as when Tennessee got beat by Alabama last Fall.

He's not getting a lot of support from his family. He told me he'd had a conversation with his non-sports fan sister. She lives in Germany, and apparently she'd gone on and on about what good winners the Germans were.

Sure - anyone can be a good winner. Well, maybe not Georgia, but anyone else can be a good winner.

Then she went on to say that she was glad England lost, that they deserved to lose. Not because of Sven's poor selection and choice of formation, not because of Rooney's bad temper, or some lacklustre performances on the day, or England's perennial penalties problem - but because the England players were so common.

Common? Perhaps. But hey, that furry-chested, head-butting Figo who looks like he walked out of a 70s disco, or that winking, cheating Ronaldo those guys are all class. I could go on...

My brother may not support England, but at least we could offer each other moral support during Tennesse's heartbreaking season. And when we watched England's devastating last minute loss to France in their opener at Euro 2004 together on a ferry from Norway - at least my brother sympathised. And not just over the result, but the whole emotional ride of supporting England.
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Sam said...

The impossible has happened. Wayne Rooney has put his arm around my shoulders, tousled my hair, and told me not to fret. That's essentially how it felt when I read that he said he holds no grudges against Cristiano. Who would've ever imagined Wayne Rooney...WAYNE ROONEY...has taught us the way of sportsmanship.

Vol Abroad said...

And there's one of two answers. They drugged him - or it's a Wayne Rooney imposter.

Oh, a third - he's luring Cristiano into a false sense of security,

Sam said...

I like to think it's option number three. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the changing room at Old Trafford when those two meet!