Saturday, August 04, 2007

another first for Cletus

Cletus received his first copy of The Watchtower today. A couple of Jehova's Witness folk came by to help restore my focus in a troubled world. Yeah, right.

I'm not really into a religion that would deny me birthday cake, Halloween treats, Christmas crackers and potentially life saving blood products.

So I almost gave Cletus another first - closing a door in the face of a Jehova's Witness.

But the two fellows were older West Indian gentlemen with lovely, gentle deep voices and mellifluous accents and Cletus was rapt listening to them. He'd been grizzling all morning, but he shut up and gazed at them wide-eyed.

And sometimes I'd rather listen to even Jehova's Witness than a whiny baby.


'Coma said...

This post made me smile, VA.
I can remember when the youngest of the nieces was little that the only thing that would stop them being crabby was CNN anchor Aaron Brown. I have no idea why.

chez béz said...

Oh, how I can relate to that. ;)

Seth said...

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