Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vacation, all I ever wanted

SAD. I think maybe I've got SAD. That's the good ol' seasonal affective disorder caused by lack of daylight. Only in Britain could one get SAD in the summer.

It's dreary here. Oh, sure - there have been the occasional glimmers of sunlight (last week wasn't bad). But summer has largely been a washout. For many people, a complete washout - i.e. their homes and everything. All I've lost is a tomato crop. Vine rot. Blecchh.

I'm not the only one feeling the cool. Apparently, there's been a rush on last minute vacations to...wherever there might be a glimmer of sun. Carbon footprint and environmental protesters be damned, people are crawling over each other to get off this sodden, gray island.

Us. Not so much with the foreign vacation plans. I haven't even taken Cletus north of the river yet. Plus travel docs, he doesn't have any. But I wouldn't mind a little time in the sun.


jen said...

I hear ya - I'm desperately hoping for some Indian Summer when I go the States for a visit. THe thought of dreariness from here until next spring is too much to bear.

Furrow said...

Why does this damn hemisphere have to be so lopsided? I'd gladly set up a weather exchange program. A week of yours, a week of ours. Sounds fair.

Next Monday we're in for a bit of relief. Only supposed to be 91. Woohoo! Break out the sweaters!

"John Galt" said...

In Nashville we're having our 7th straight 100°F+ day with no rain for a month. Grey and sodden sounds interesting.