Friday, August 10, 2007

Wasteful ways

I could be more frugal. I could waste less. That being said, I found this absolutely appalling.

So I am there yesterday stocking up on dog food and I noticed a mini-van, parked, engine running, in the parking space adjacent to mine. an hour or so later, when I was wheeling out my cart, I noticed the van was still there, still running, and I could hear the compressor cycling on and off. I could only conclude that she [the vehicle owner] was ensuring that her vehicle would be a brisk 60 degrees upon her return. At that moment, I saw America’s impending demise.

I can't say that I quite predict the demise of the good ol' US of A from leaving a vehicle running, but it does smack of the downfall of profligate Rome. And it is downright annoying and needless and wasteful.

I'm not a big proponent of man-made global warming theory, but you don't need to believe in global warming to see that there are negative externalities from this kind of behavior. The choking emissions, the waste of a non-renewable resource.

I don't want to sound like a sanctimonious European, but every time I go to America I'm shocked by how waste has become the norm.

HT: Music City Bloggers where the comments went a little crazy.

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Vol-in-Law said...

Don't worry, Mark Steyn explains that it's every American's patriotic duty to maximise gasoline usage in order to prevent the Chinese and Indians getting hold of it: