Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gone native

Now we all know that the situation in the Levant has been hot for a long time. No matter what side you come down on, it seems like everybody has a side. Personally, I plumped for Israel ages ago. It's not something I think much about. I don't discuss it much, because it's one of those things that I'm not likely to change my mind about. No, in fact, I won't change my mind. I guess it's tribal.

I could go on about the Palestinians this, the Israelis that, but if you have an entrenched position on the matter I'm not likely to change your mind either.

Suffice to say, little that the Palestinians do surprises me much. The photos of the wee kids holding some pretty heft weaponry and just waiting for the day that their martyrdom dream comes true is sickening but doesn't really work me up.

But this video from Palestinian children's tv showing a man in a bee suit abusing cats and lions in the Gaza zoo just floors me.

And there you go, I've gone British. They're abusing animals now. I may just have to write a strongly worded letter.


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