Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Running hot and cold

For my readers in the South, you're not gonna like this, but I have to report: I'm cold.

I'm wearing a sweatshirt in my house. It's August. I have to bundle my baby up to take him out. (And I'm not a bundler.)


I note that Metro Davidson's [Nashville] school buses do not have AC. I had two thoughts:

Thought One:
Ha - those kids need to suck it up. Try commuting on the Underground when we do get a hot August. It's hotter than EU regulations allow - if you're transporting animals - no regulations exist for maximum allowable temps for transporting London commuters. It's crowded. And there's the underlying current of concern over the continued smooth running of the line. This concern is ready to tip over into panic at any moment - since the Tube trains have a tendency to stall in any weather that isn't dry and with temps hovering between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. And there's not much worse than being stuck for upwards of an hour, stood with your face in your neighbour's armpit, sweating, straining to understand the driver's announcements. (Unless, of course, this happened in the Summer of '05 when we weren't just worried about trains stalling.)

And the smell... best not to mention the smell.

But, I admit, this is not a charitable thought. And the children...won't somebody (me?) please think of the children? I mean what would I do if Cletus were faced with such conditions? Knowing me - I'd probably tell him tales of commuting on the London Underground.

Thought Two:
At a cost of $15,000 a bus, I'm not sure Metro should be retrofitting air conditioning. They really only need the AC a few weeks a year. As the bus fleet is replaced, perhaps they could invest in a little cooling.

But I also note that Metro schools are open only half days this week because of the heat. (Here's Nashville News 2 film on that) - although there is a positive note:

Brunch will be served at all schools.

How civilised.

You know what. It's the South, it's August, it's hot. Yes, I know it's not usually that hot - not like it has been this year - but it's usually pretty darn hot. In August, kids should be at the pool, not sweating in school.

So why not roll back the start of the academic year? I don't really understand how it crept so far forward anyway. (Was it to match up with the semester schedule of the state Universities?) To be fair, the Mayor said a later start would be considered. I think Tennessee parents should push for it.

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Anonymous said...

And they close all the pools here, I guess to discourage children from playing hookey. It is ridiculous in the hottest month of the year that pools are not open even on the weekend. VM