Thursday, August 16, 2007

A death in the [tacky] family

I've been "collecting" photos of floral tributes for a while. A great benefit of living near a cemetery. But today I saw the best one ever. A work of art. Seriously.

tiger, tiger

Sometimes you have to wait a while for someone with relatives tacky enough* to commission a truly elaborate floral tribute to die. But when they do...yeah.

If you're wondering if anyone in your family is tacky enough and you're kin to me - well, you're just gonna have to wonder which side of my raging internal battle between cheapness and tackiness will win.

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genderist said...

This is fantastic! It reminds me of the art projects that Mrs. Pettus always made us do -- you know, the ones where she would give us a cardboard cut-out and our jobs would be to tear little pieces of toilet paper and tissue paper and glue them to the cardboard... they'd end up looking almost as classy as this tiger.