Friday, August 10, 2007

It's not about the next election

I'm still not blogging about the 2008 Presidential election until, ya know, it's an election year. But this is about the process, so it doesn't count. John H hits on the forever backwards creeping primary dates in post entitled

In a blazing round of ‘Who’s on First’, Tennessee proclaims its Presidential Primary to start RIGHT NOW

and says:

If Tennessee could somehow become an actual meaningful primary instead of the afterthought of the backwash and therefore often ignored or taken for granted (nice job AL!) by moving the primary up a bit, I guess I wouldn’t object.

I didn't vote in the Tennessee primary last time. Partly cause I never registered with a party (yes, I know you don't have to in Tennessee, but you do if you want to receive a meaningful primary absentee ballot), but also because I gave up my vote so I could participate in the UK Democratic caucus with hundreds of other American expats. It was so much fun I'd advise everyone to move to Iowa for one electoral cycle (or here, or Paris whose caucus attendance numbers we beat, so a hearty yah boo to the Americans in Paris) Seriously, it was like a big ol' grown up pep rally

We've got spirit, yes we do
We've got spirit, how 'bout you?

But in place of spirit plug in, rational foreign policy and non-punitive tax code for expatriates (we deserve it - after all just who do you think is minding the empire?)

So maybe Tennessee should get a caucus - or since we're such a great online community, why not a blog-cus. The candidates with the biggest online word counts win*. What do you bet we'd be the only contest to return two native sons who aren't even running.

*written by registered TN voters, of course

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KathyF said...

Well, this explains an email I received, asking for information on how they can keep the atmosphere of the caucus while holding a regular primary.

Maybe we could hire cheerleaders.