Monday, August 13, 2007

A case of mistaken identity

I named Cletus's favorite toy - a jingle bull (he has a bell in him) - Shambo in honor of the slaughtered Hindu holy cow.


But the Vol-in-Law pointed out the label said it was a donkey. And VolMom left a comment on Shambo's photographic portrait in my Flick account:

That looks more donkey-like than bovine

Can you believe I was once in receipt of an Agricultural scholarship? But we didn't cover livestock toys in Ag 101. Maybe I've just had too many years of city life, trapped like a goose in a pen.


Anonymous said...

Now being unable to tell a donkey from a bull is a clear sign you've been living in the big city toooo long. Maybe its time to get back to your roots. Should the baby boy grow up thinking foxes are puppies? Guess who?

girl from the south said...

Do you also get your corn from a jar?

Baby toys have gotten quite terrifying. Now they all have bells, mirrors, noises and crazy colors.

KathyF said...

Clearly you need to visit Friday Cow Blogging more often.

Vol Abroad said...

GFTS - not so much these days

And I swear Shambo looks like a cow from the right angle.