Thursday, August 10, 2006

Are we all hezbollah now?

Please read this absolutely chilling piece on the Guardian's Comment is Free site by Harold Evans. He was prompted by signs at Satuday's "peace" rally in London saying "We're all Hizbullah now".

For all the gruesome pictures of my fellow Londoners standing shouder-to-shoulder with Hezbollah check out Six Meat Buffet


So what is it? Hizbullah, Hezbollah? Let's call the whole thing off.


Anonymous said...

Whether you agree with them or not they have the right to march. It's called democracy you see. As painful as it might be to hear anothers viewpoint, I believe this is what English soldiers are dying for. So let them protest or call the troops back home and give it all up. Interesting US commentary from your link. Quite scary as well. No doubt Osama and his cohorts are preparing to throw in the towel after seeing such a demonstrative display of allied unity.

Gordon said...

We're aware it's democracy oh, Wise Anonymous One.

What is so appalling to us Yanks it that you use your freedom of speech to project such stupidity.

Carry on.

Nicole said...

Thanks for posting this Vol

Vol Abroad said...

To my anonymous commenter, you're clearly not a regular reader or you would know that I'm a champion of free speech. I am a democrat and classical liberal. I've never questioned anyone's right to peaceful protest, I'm all for it. I support their rights, even though a majority of British Muslims believe that those who "insult the prophet" through the excercise of free speech should be "punished". That's what it means to support free speech.

But I also have the right not to like it and I damn sure have the right to question what they say. That's also what it means to support free speech.

Go ahead and criticise the folks at Six Meat Buffet - they'll tell you that we don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. But if you think they're scary, you ought to meet some of the less literate rednecks.

To Gordon: Thanks, shug, but I'm not a Yank. I'm a Southerner.