Thursday, August 31, 2006

Normandy blanding

The Vol-in-Law is playing a PC game right now called Brothers in Arms. It's a kind of computer game version of Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan. Paratroopers, Normandy, WWII, you know the kind of thing. I think the Vol-in-Law is trying to kill a lot of Computer-Krauts, but mostly he's jumping back from the PC as his character is killed - again. The game is pretty realistic apparently and depicts the Normandy villages as they were - and largely as they still are.

We're going to Normandy next week. I have a high tolerance for battlefields and cemeteries and war museums and such. And I want to see Omaha Beach as much as the next girl, but the Vol-in-Law can spend hours, I mean hours, in these places. To me, when you've seen one display of medals, you've seen them all. But the ViL will read every description, look at every batallion photo, and examine every piece of old artillery. On our first trip together, I think we visited every podunk regimental museum in Wales.

He just pointed at the screen and said - "You see that, where that building is. In Carentan, there's a war museum in that very spot."

"I suppose we'll have to go there, too." I said.
"Oh, yeah."


Vol-in-Law said...

The museum is not just on the spot of that building - it IS that building!!!

Anonymous said...

A conservative and a warmonger, but still my favorite son-in-law!

Vol-in-Law said...

"Warmonger" - hey, us paleocons are the biggest peacenics around these days! >:)

eg Steve Sailer's blog currently has several pieces about how war isn't good for anything these days:

As members of the reality-based community, we recognise that wars are nasty, lots of people die horribly, and they often make things worse. The Iraq war has been a classic Talleyrand "worse than a crime, a mistake".